Prolotherapy is a method of injecting that stimulates your body to heal itself from joint pain. It is a viable alternative to surgery, pain medications, and steroid injections because Prolotherapy provides a permanent solution to the underlying cause of many painful conditions.

Here are just a few things that Prolotherapy addresses:

  • Arthritis
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Knee Pain
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Foot and Ankle Pain and Instability
  • Shoulder Pain and Rotator Cuff Injuries
  • Tendonitis
  • And more…



What is used in the injections?

At Bukovina, the primary ingredient in our injections is Dextrose. This is a natural sugar that your body produces when you injure yourself. When you release dextrose, it is a signal to your body to send in all of the growth and healing agents to repair the injury. We are simply mimicking that process in the body. By injecting Dextrose at the site of the loose ligament or joint injury, your body will send in everything needed to actually heal the source of your pain. We also include a little bit of Lidocaine in our solution. This makes the injection process much more comfortable, but it is not enough to inhibit the process of healing.

***Dextrose is derived from corn*** If you have a known or suspected allergy to corn, you should NOT use this method of injection.


Who can do prolotherapy?

The best person for this treatment has:

  • Pain that is coming from a ligament or tendon
    • your doctor can help you determine this
  • A Strong Immune System
    • since the treatment requires your immune system to do the actual healing, it needs to be up to the challenge.
    • if you are dealing with a compromised immune system, or an auto-immune condition, you need to talk to the doctor before considering prolotherapy
  • Willingness to follow through with your treatments
    • while most people see a dramatic improvement after their first injection, it usually requires a short series of injections to see complete healing and resolution of the problem.
  • A Healthy Diet
    • poor food choices will significantly inhibit your body’s ability to heal
    • excessive amounts of sugar, alcohol and chemical additives will compromise the effectiveness of the treatment
  • A Great Mental Outlook


Is Prolotherapy Safe?

Dr. Gustav Hemwall, one of the pioneers of Prolotherapy treated over 10,000 patients, using more than 4,000,000,000 injections and never had a single incident. While the risks are very small, as with any medical treatment, certain risks do exist, and you should not receive Prolotherapy from an untrained doctor. A few of these risks are: an increase in pain or numbness, infections, bleeding or bruising, allergic reactions to the substances that are injected, headaches, nerve injury, pneumothorax with spinal injections, dizziness, nausea.


How Many Treatments Will I Need?

This is variable depending on the extent of the injury and your body’s ability to heal. Many people will experience up to 80% improvement after one treatment. More commonly, 3-6 treatments are required for complete resolution of the problem. These treatments are typically 4 weeks apart.


Will it Hurt?

Prolotherapy involves injections that are right at the site where the tendon or ligament has stretched or pulled away from the bone. It will be sore simply because multiple injections are required to adequately treat the entire site. It is usually a well-tolerated procedure since the sore spots are quickly injected with lidocaine. However, we do recommend that you take tylenol 30-60 minutes prior to your treatment, and for the following 24-48 hours to help with the soreness. Remember that the treatment is designed to cause an irritation. After the lidocaine wears off, it should be a little sore. That is your body’s healing ability at work.