How to Introduce Solid Foods to Infants

Thursday, April 28, 2016 17:35
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It’s hard enough to figure out what to feed ourselves, now-a-days, so I totally understand the confusion around howBaby Food to introduce solid foods to your infant.

2 Common Misconceptions and my Opinions:

  1. The most common recommendation to start with is rice cereal. This is baffling to me. Rice is inherently constipating for children. Plus, it has little to no nutritional value!
  2. Cow’s milk is recommended as a substitute for the mother’s breast milk. Cow’s milk is designed to turn baby calves into 1500 pound cows. Okay, aside from that, our bodies don’t fully develop the enzymes to digest dairy until we are 2 years old. Giving dairy products to a child before they can digest them has the potential to lead to life-long allergies, asthma and eczema. Dairy is also inflammatory and has been proven to be linked to childhood ear infections.

So, I’ve attached my recommendation on how to introduce foods. Of course, please take your Naturopathic Doctor’s advice over mine because they know your child, but this can be a great guideline.

 Click Here for the Food Introduction Guidelines!

Heartburn Medications and Dementia!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 17:38
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Brought to you by Dr. Danni!


As a Naturopathic Doctor, my goal is to always to support the body’s natural and essential functions, or physiology, throughout the course of treatment. This can be accomplished by helping patients to identify and remove “obstacles to cure,” such as, unhealthy eating habits, environmental toxic exposures, use of pharmaceutical drugs, poor lifestyle choices, emotional stresses, and negative belief systems. It is a combination of these things, and your genetics, that can manifest into both acute and chronic health conditions. 

Often times, the use of conventional medications disturbs the normal physiology of the body in the process of attempting to bring about some symptomatic relief. The use of pharmaceuticals can be helpful in acute states, and is lifesaving at times, but overuse of pharmaceuticals can cause negative side effects leading to a whole host of other health issues.  

This is truly the case in the use of PPIs or proton pump inhibitors – Nexium, Prilosec, Aciphex, Protonix, and Prevacid. This group of drugs is used to treat acid reflux or “heart burn,” and stomach ulcers. The drugs work by blocking the enzymes in the wall of the stomach that produce acid. This, indeed, can provide symptomatic relief of painful acid reflux and stomach ulcers, but how does this affect the body in the long run?  

Stomach acid plays an essential role in our immune system killing harmful bacteria and parasites that can be ingested with our food, it activates the production and secretion of several other digestive juices necessary to break down foods for proper assimilation in the small intestine. Stomach acid is also required for absorption and utilization of vitamins and minerals especially vitamin B12.  

Lack of stomach can lead to a wide range of nutritional deficiencies and symptoms associated with improper digestion and absorption of foods. To make matters worse, recent research now confirms other seriously negative health effects linked to the use of PPIs, such as, kidney disease, bone loss, and dementia! If you are already taking a PPI please talk with your doctor about how you can safely taper of this medication. It is essential that the proper dietary and lifestyle changes are made to help restore optimal digestion and get you back on the path to better health. If you or someone you know is interested in a natural approach to help heal your gut and support healthy digestion call and schedule a free 15 minute Q & A with me, Dr.Danni Ballere, and see how Naturopathic Medicine can help you.


Chelsea’s Retirement Day

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 18:36
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Today was a wonderfully horrible day.Chelsea's Retirement Day

Today was what we are calling “Chelsea’s Retirement Day.”

I’ve been so so blessed to have worked with Chelsea for the last 6 years, and boy have we been through a lot together. As we spent the afternoon chatting like old friends, I was reminded of how well she knows me, and how much I adore her.

That said, it is time for her to move on in her life. What will she do next? While I can’t say exactly, I sure hope it has to do with cooking!! Between the new possibilities in her life and her continued care-taking of her grandmother, there is no doubt she will be busier than ever. Looking ahead and remembering back…this is the “wonderful” part of the day.

The “horrible” part is that we are saying goodbye. We will always be friends, but I won’t see her smiling face when she walks into the office anymore.


So, for now we smile. We say, “Cheers” (probably with a glass of wine). And we wish Chelsea a

Moringa – Miracle or Myth?

Monday, February 15, 2016 15:54
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Have you heard of the Moringa tree? Well, I was recently asked what my opinion was on Moringa oleifera ”Moringa…the research looks good, but is it really as good for the body as they say it is?” To be honest, it had not really been on my radar. I knew of it as a “super-food,” but I was not using it or recommending it to my patients. So when asked, I looked into it and I am glad that I did. This amazing botanical has been around for thousands of years, and has gained tremendous popularity since its debut on the good ol’ Dr. Oz show a few years back. On PubMed there are hundreds of scientific reviews and research studies on this medicine chest of a tree! I perused quite a few and do, indeed, agree that it is an extremely valuable botanical worthy of its status as a “super-food.”

Moringa oleifera, the most widely cultivated species, is native to the foothills of the Himalayas in northwestern India and cultivated throughout the tropics. This amazing tree has been used worldwide to help address malnutrition. It is one of the most nutrient dense plants in the world absolutely loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthy fats, fiber and protein-including all 9 essential amino acids.
Every part of the tree can be used: leaves, root, flowers, seeds and seed pods. Mostly just the leaves, seeds and seed pods are regularly consumed as foods. Research and traditional use has shown it to be beneficial in lowering blood sugar levels, reducing inflammation, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, protecting the body against damage form heavy metal exposure, supporting detox pathways, increases stamina, boosting energy levels and overall vitality. Medical research shows Moringa leaves can be used to help treat roughly over 300 health problems.
Moringa can be found in capsules, liquid extracts, oil, powders, and dried leaf. This is what gives it its “super-food” status! It can be taken as a supplement and consumed as a food. Dry leaves can be used in just about any way that fresh can be used. Add it to smoothies, salads, soups, or your favorite chicken, fish, or shrimp dishes at the end of the cooking to maintain full nutrient content. You can also drink it as a tea…but don’t throw away the leaves, you can put then into your next meal or throw them into a smoothie to retrieve all the nutrients these little leaves have to offer.
Gram for gram Moringa contains 7 times the vitamin C in oranges, 4 times the calcium in milk and twice the protein, 4 times the vitamin A in carrots, 3 times the iron found in spinach, and 3 times the potassium in bananas. Boasting 92 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, 36 anti-Inflammatory compounds, and 18 amino acids, 9 of them essential amino acids… I am definitely planning on adding this amazing super-food into my daily life!

Thank you, Dr. Danni!

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Ringing in 2016… Still :-)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 17:10
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Are you tired of hearing “Happy New Year”? Too bad ;-). Auburn Lifestyles Expo Display
Happy New Year again from us!!!

We are continuing to ring in 2016 with ongoing newness and excitement!

2 things:

#1 Everything for Health and Endurance

To kick things off, Dr. Danni was invited to attend this year’s Lifestyle Expo. Here’s what she had to say, in case you missed it.

Auburn Lifestyles Expo - Dr. Danni

“I had a great time bringing in the New Year at the Auburn Lifestyle Expo on Saturday.  I had the opportunity to meet and chat with so many like-minded people interested in health and wellness.  There were a variety of speakers sharing their amazing experiences as competitive bikers, runners, and Tevis cup riders.  They were all very inspiring and motivating indeed!  How lucky we are to live in Auburn, “The Endurance Capital of the World”.  What ever level you are at, and weather you run, walk, or ride, get out there and get moving for your own health and happiness. Enjoy all of the beauty that Auburn has to offer!”

I totally agree! Get out there! And, if your get-up-and-go needs a little kick in the pants, I know how I feel after getting my boost through an IV, so give Dr. Danni a call.

#2 B12 for Everyone

In Honor of Dr. Danni’s first year with us, we are instating our own version of a “B12 Happy Hour”… Kinda.

Come in for a B12 shot ALL DAY MONDAYS AND WEDNESDAYS for only $10.

After all, it’s 5:00 somewhere ;-)

Jump Start 2016

Monday, December 28, 2015 16:57
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It’s Time! It’s Time!Sunflower

I feel like I’ve been thinking about this, and planning for it, and dreaming about it for months, and now it’s finally here!

I can only hope you are half as excited as I am!

2015 has been an epic year to match all others. It was full of adventures, romance, excitement and newness that was counter-balanced with great loss, struggles and gut-wrenching challenges. With the Solstice a few days behind us and January 1st coming up quickly, I’m ready to start 2016 with an opportunity to replenish and reset.

Yup! I’m talking about this Cleanse that I’ve alluded to over the past few months.

Only, this year I’m doing it completely differently!. In the past, I’ve offered a variety of options for people just like you to jump start their new year. They have included numerous combinations of food plans, supplements, B-12 Shots, and one-on-one time with me. Well, I’ve been talking to those who have done them in the past, as well as to those who wanted to, but just didn’t sign up. I’ve gotten amazing feedback from the people who did complete a cleanse. They felt great! And, there was one main thing that kept others from joining in. It was too expensive to have enough access to the doctors and feel like they were truly getting the support they needed.

So, here is the plan:

21 Days of a Physical and Mental Reset

Daily challenges, inspirations, and guidance

Special access to the private FB group where you will have a direct link to share your experience, and ask others, and the doctors, your questions.

(Did you catch that? YES! There are going to be other doctors involved too! That way you will get support from more than just me, but I’ll tell you more about that later;-) )

I don’t want to give away all of my secrets, but throughout this time, I may share recipes, exercises, tips for making it easier, ways to challenge yourself, what I am doing, and much more. I want you to be as inspired as I am! I want to hear from you and keep in touch with how it’s going.

I’ve never done anything like this before, so I’m a little nervous. It’s quite a commitment to add to my already busy schedule, but I know if I don’t, I’ll regret it. I want this to be available to you! And, even if my family and I are the only ones in the group, I’m still going to do it. I hope you’ll join me.

Okay, now for the biggest kicker! I sat down and started to add up what it would cost for you to do something like this, in the way I used to do it. Before I even got to Day 15, the cost was over $800. That is beyond ridiculous! Even if I cut that in half, it is still crazy!!! I had another thought of doing it completely for free, but bear with me for a second here. I know, for myself, and for many of you, if we don’t invest at least something, we aren’t as committed, and we don’t do as well. My one goal is that I want you to SUCCEED!!!

So, I made a decision. Fifty Bucks. That’s it. $50. It’s enough to make sure you are committed to simply showing up!

One last thing. This thing is starting NEXT WEEK!!! January 6th!!! So, you have about 10 days to decide to start this year off focusing on YOU. YOU DESERVE IT!!!

(Okay, I’ve never done the Paypal thing either, so please let me know if it doesn’t work, or feel free to just call the office)

THANK YOU!! Now what can YOU do?

Wednesday, December 16, 2015 22:36
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I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!! It’s been 30 days, and this is my 30th Post! I accepted a challenge and have actuallyI'm So grateful mede it to the end! It wasn’t always pretty. As you know, there were days I missed, and then did 2 posts another day to make up for it. There were late nights and early mornings, especially on those days where I didn’t have a great idea, but would refuse to write something until I found a thought that truly inspired me.

What did I get out of this?

An intensification of a dichotomy that lives in me. On one side, I am a perfectionist. I like things to be organized, complete, and wrapped up in a perfect little bow. For me, there is safety in completion, and in a job done well. On my other side, I long for a spontaneous adventure, a reaching for something I’m not sure I can reach.

I have done more challenging things in my life than this. I have done things that push my physical, mental and emotional limits beyond what I thought humanly possible. You’ve heard about my Grand Canyon Hike, right? 23 hours, 43 miles, 11,000 feet of elevation gain (and loss). You haven’t heard that story? Oh! That’s because I barely told anyone. I push myself in my private world. Perhaps I don’t publicize it so no one will know if I fail (unfortunately, then no one gets to celebrate with me when I succeed). This challenge was totally different! It was completely public! I had the possibility to fail in front of all of you every single time I hit “publish”, but I did it anyway.

And, shockingly, I’m still here to tell the tale. Not only that, but I am INSPIRED!!! I am inspired to continue my quest of keeping my “safety” zone, while pushing my limits, reaching for the stars and exploring how I can use this lesson to do MORE to help everyone out there who wants to listen.

THANK YOU for coming on this journey with me, whether you knew you were on it or not!

Food for thought tonight: What is ONE THING you can push yourself to do? Write it down! Put it out to the virtual universe, or send it to me in a message, so we can all help support you!

I know you CAN!

What you “Used to Be”

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 21:18
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The same woman has curiously shown up in my life every week for the last month. Perhaps it’s the physical Playing the Clarinettherapist in me, but I am fascinated by the way people move. After watching a few of this woman’s movements, I was certain that, “this woman used to be a dancer”. I really don’t want this next part to sound rude, but need to be honest so you’ll get my point. et me physically describe this woman for you. She is about 5’5”, probably in her late 60’s, and may be about 40 pounds overweight. She does not exhibit the expected physique of a dancer, but I’m SURE she “used to be”, just by the way she holds herself, and the way she moves.

My point is not to judge or criticize any of us for not being in some sort of physical condition that we used to be. My point is that it made me wonder. When did she stop being a dancer?

We all “used to be” so many things. As kids, we used to be dreamers, dancers, musicians and inventors , but what about the things we “were” as adults? Does an educator stop being a teacher the minute she leaves the classroom to do her research? Does a doctor cease to be a healer the minute she leaves her practice? Does a football player stop being an athlete when he doesn’t play in the NFL any more?

Who told us that we are no longer something?  Father Time? No one? So, if we were not truly banned from being it,
why can we not still?

I have realized and decided that I am not willing to give things up simply because time decided that I “used to be” them.

It’s a day to make a declaration. I am STILL:

a musician (like my amazing nephew who is now playing my old clarinet!!)

a dancer

a girl who loves to play

a teacher

and a truster of my intuition.

What are you STILL, that a false story told you you could no longer be?


How to Treat the Flu with Homeopathy

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 10:25
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If you do get the flu, homeopathy is a great, non-toxic, incredibly effective way to get rid of it.Homeopathics

The trick to using homeopathy is finding the remedy that is right for your flu. It is not based on the bug that you caught. It is based on how your body has responded, and what your individual symptoms are. So, obviously, there is not ONE homeopathic remedy for the flu – there are several hundred remedies. Here are a few of the most common remedies.

You may have seen Oscillococcinum in the stores. This is a general remedy for a flu if you feel stiff all over, and sensitive to cold. You may be shivering, have headaches, abdominal cramping and diarrhea,  and needle-like pain in your ears. Even though you are cold, you might feel better in fresh air.

If you have the flu and it has you feeling drowsy, dull and unable to concentrate, and so completely exhausted that it is hard to lift your head off the pillow or keep your eyes open, you need GELSEMIUM.

If instead you have that deep ache that reaches to your bones, you feel sore just from sitting down, and you are so restless that you can’t get comfortable; plus you feel much worse in cold, wet weather, you are more likely to need EUPATORIUM.

If the pounding headaches are the worst symptom, you are irritable and can’t stand even the slightest bit of motion…BRYONIA is your remedy of choice.  When people need bryonia, they are also incredibly thirsty and dry, and feel much worse in a hot room.

A flu that would benefit from BELLADONNA is one where your face is very red including lips and sometimes your tongue. Your head will be hot, but your extremities may be cold. The flu symptoms and fever come on very fast. Even though you are hot, you may not be sweating.

Typically I recommend getting a 30C dose, and taking it 3-4 times a day. Once you start to get sick, the sooner you can take your remedy, the better it will work.

The Flu is Not a Season!!! 

Monday, December 14, 2015 17:55
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The flu is a viral infection that invades your body because your immune system isn’t strong enough to quickly fight it off.

Here are some quick reminders about the things that lower your immune system, leaving you more susceptible to getting the flu:

  • Stress
  • Sugar
  • Not Sleeping well
  • Low nutrition from eating nutrient-absent foods
  • Low nutrition from an inability to absorb nutrients from your food
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Dirty Hands
  • Alcohol

And, of course, how to prevent that from happening:

  • Do your best to avoid sugar, and at the VERY least, try to have protein with any bit of sugar to try to mitigate the effect a bit.
  • Get to bed on time! And, if you have a hard time relaxing after a stressful day, take an Epsom Salt bath. Not only does this help rid your body of toxins, but it is relaxing to your muscles and can help you sleep. 4 cups of salts per bath to get a good effect.
  • Eat your vegetables (especially the dark, leafy, green ones) and chew them slowly! This sounds silly, but can make a HUGE difference in how much your body absorbs!
  • Drink Tea! Green Tea is a wonderful immune support and anti-oxidant.
  • And the obvious…
    • Drink your water, wash your hands and try not to over-indulge.